A Toolkit For Care Home Research

Advice and guidance for researchers, research staff, and local research networks on how to prepare and carry out studies in a care home.

Find out what it means to support research in a care home, and what the benefits are for you in participating in research studies.

Learn about the role residents, family members and friends can play in supporting high-quality research.

"By 2020 we would wish to see, more research being conducted in, and disseminated through, care homes, and a majority of care homes signed up to the NIHR ENRICH 'Research Ready Care Home Network'."

David Cameron, announced in 2015's Prime Minister's challenge on dementia 2020

Guest Blog

Adam Smith, Programme Manager, Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research

The ENRICH initiative has been running for several years, the overall aim has been to improve the support provided to researchers wishing to work with care homes, improve care homes access, influence and involvement in research and address issues with care home residents being underrepresented in research and in clinical trials.